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Omega 3 and Sports

The correct form of omega 3 fish oil is becoming the gold standard in sports nutrition. The health benefits of omega 3 for athletes is becoming more and more apparent every day.   Athletes, trainers, coaches and doctors are all looking for better natural ways to enable to human body to perform and recover better.  Omega 3 fish oil contains two essential fatty acids  eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic Acid (DHA) that have gained a lot of attention in the sports nutrition world.  Omega 3 for sports is becoming quite the buzz word around training camps and gyms because it works. More and more research indicates that omega 3 fatty acids in the right form and the right levels may benefit the athlete in many ways.  Some of the latest evidence based research is proving omega 3 fish oil enhances muscle endurance, muscle recovery and muscle synthesis.  Omega 3 reduces muscle swelling and soreness after physical exertion.  Some of the latest research on omega 3 indicates it is beneficial at helping to slow down age related muscle loss called sarcopenia. The latest science on Omega index blood studies indicate that most athletes have very low levels of omega 3 circulating in their blood and will benefit from supplementing with omega 3 fish oil. The latest research suggests  omega index levels need to be between 8-11% to gain the potential athletic benefits of omega 3. Fortifeye Vitamins has done omega index studies using their Super omega 3 fish oil. The results had the majority of participants in the study were between 9- 11% on the omega index testing after taking 2 Fortifeye Super Omega 3 capsules for 1 month. The anti inflammatory effects of omega 3 fish oil may be responsible for the pain reduction people get after consumption of the correct form and amount of omega 3 fish oil. This pain reduction in the joints is beneficial for anyone that is active and involved in sports. All of the latest evidence points to to omega 3 fish oil being a valuable nutrient for athletes to consider in their daily supplement regiment. 
Some of the potential health benefits of omega 3 for athletes are : improved muscle recovery, enhanced muscle synthesis, less muscle soreness (DOMS), improved range of motion, enhanced cognitive abilities, less joint pain, improved heart and vascular health and enhanced immunity.

Fortifeye Vitamis had developed Fortifeye Super Omega Sport , this is one of the purest most potent Re-esterfied Triglyceride Form (rTG) Omega 3 fish oils in the industry. Super Omega Sport is made in Aselund Norway by one of the top Omega 3 teams in the world. The most advanced system of purification and concentration is utilized to get the levels of EPA and DHA  to high enough levels to benefit the athlete. Super Omega Sport has 2400 mgs of tg form omega three with 1200 EPA and 900 DHA per dose. More and more studies are proving the importance of both high levels of EPA and DHA and Super Omega Sport has some of the highest levels in the industry. Small cold water non predatory fish like sardines and anchovies are sourced for the oil. This fish oil was developed by Fortifeye Vitamins and is being used and recommended by doctors, trainers, nutrition experts and athletes all over the world. The best way to gain the health benefits of omega 3 is to take a good rTG form omega 3 fish oil.  Learn more about Fortifeye Super Omega Sport and order at