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Omega 3 reduces Alzheimer’s by 49%

Amazing new research on omega 3 and Alzheimer’s was  just released in the journal “Nutrients” on June 9, 2022.  According to doctors at the Fatty Acid Research Institute this indicates that elevated levels of  DHA (from omega 3 )in red blood cells is associated with a 49% reduction in Alzheimer’s vs those will lower levels of DHA in their blood. This study implies that the addition of omega 3 to our diets may slow down the development of Alzheimer’s.  This is especially important in individuals that are more susceptible to developing Alzheimer’s because they carry the ApoE4 gene. This study also predicts that the addition of this omega 3 fatty acid will add close to another five years of Alzheimer free life. 

The overall public health impact at decreasing Alzheimer’s with the addition of something as simple as  an omega 3 supplement is tremendous.  This is potentially a very cost effective possible solution we should embrace. More and more ongoing research is currently underway analyzing the potential positive benefits of omega 3 on neuro degeneration. There are many other good nutrients that are backed by clinical studies  that have a positive impact on Alzheimer’s disease. One of the top nutrients studied for brain health and neuro degenerative disorders is curcumin.  Curcumin acts by reducing beta amyloid plaque, oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain.  The combination of  Omega 3 and  Curcumin is a new supplement developed by Dr Michael Lange called Fortifeye Omega Relief.  Fortifeye Omega Relief uses  1600 mg of rTG form omega 3 and 500 mg of Next Gen curcumin called Curcugen. Omega Relief – Fortifeye

Dr Lange has also developed  a slightly stronger version  called Fortifeye Omega Relief Extreme using 2400 mg of rTG omega 3, 500 mg of Next Gen Curcumin and 140 mg of GLA from Black Currant oil. Omega Relief Extreme – Fortifeye

 Dr Michael Lange sates the jury is still out on what the combination of these nutrients may do for Alzheimer’s but many people are reporting reduced inflammation and pain in  short periods of time on these new generation supplements.    Dr Lange says Both omega 3 and curcumin  are maybe the two most studied supplements on the planet and are being recommended by health care professionals around the world for their positive benefits.  Dr Lange has been hosting a popular syndicated talk show called “Ask  the Dr” for 30 years on nutritional anti aging of the eyes and the entire body.  Here is a very recent show he did on the powers of omega 3 and curcumin in regards to Alzheimer’s : (1) New science on omega 3 and next gen curcumin for Alzheimer’s. – YouTube

 Here is a link to the  recent omega 3 reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s study:  High Omega-3 DHA Level in Blood Linked With 49% Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease (