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Who makes the best omega 3 fish oil?

Omega 3 factories are popping up all around the world however the top most reputable omega 3 factories are in Alesund Norway.

The Norwegians were the first to develop omega 3 concentrates for supplements and are known for making the highest quality and purest omega 3 fish oils in the world. These factories are approved by the US FDA and The Norwegian Medicines Agency for manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). In 1838 the Norwegians started production of premium quality Cod liver oils . In 1987 the Norwegians invented technology to concentrate EPA and DHA in the ethyl ester form. This brought on many clinical trials for condition specific claims of omega 3 from fish oil. In 1994 the Norwegians invented technology to convert the ethyl ester form of omega 3 fish oil back to a more stable and bio-available Triglyceride form (rTG). This was a revolutionary advancement in Omega 3 technology. This sparked the interest of Dr Michael Lange and he became fascinated with this new technology and the potential health benefits of omega 3 for the eye and entire body.

Dr. Lange started the Fortifeye Vitamin company shortly after this to research and develop nutritional supplements for eye and total body health. After a research trip to Alesund Norway Dr. Lange decided to make a change from the ethyl ester form of omega 3 fish oil that Fortifeye Vitamins had been using to the newer more advanced Triglyceride form around 2005. This new omega three supplement was called Fortifeye Super Omega that contains 900 EPA and 600 DHA per serving. This was one of the purest and highest quality concentrated omega 3 fish oils in the triglyceride form in America during this time. About 10 years later Dr. Lange wanted an even higher concentration of omega 3 in the same size capsules. The Norwegian fish oil experts through new technology were able to develop a gel cap the same size with 50% more omega 3 inside. This new omega 3 supplement would be called Fortifeye Super Omega 3 Max and Fortifeye Super Omega Sport.

These new generation Omega three supplements would have a total of 2400 mg of omega 3 with 1200 EPA and 900 DHA per serving. As of October 2021 Fortifeye Super Omega 3 Max and Fortifeye Super Omega Sport are some of the most potent , purest and cost effective TG form omega 3 fish oils in gel caps on the market. Fortifeye Super Omega, Super Omega 3 Max and Super Omega Sport are being recommended by doctors and nutrition experts all over the world. People have been taking Fortifeye Omega 3 supplements for close to 20 years with amazing testimonials. Dr. Lange and Fortifeye Vitamins have selected specific vitamins that work well together with the omega 3 and bundled them together with a dramatic savings and free shipping. Learn more at