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Omega 3 May Preserve Brain Health and Cognitive Abilities as we age.

We all have friends, family and loved ones that as they have aged their cognitive abilities and brain health have declined.  Age related cognitive decline and poor brain health can be very frustrating for everyone involved.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to slow down this decline in cognitive functioning?  

According to the latest in omega 3 research published online October 5 in Neurology this may be possible. The science indicates that enhanced brain health and cognitive functioning is a result of having higher omega 3 in the blood.  The study indicates that eating more good quality fish or taking a good omega 3 supplement will boost your omega index levels to a heart healthy level and also brain healthy level.  Omega index is the percentage of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in the red blood cell membranes.  Further studies are needed to prove that early intervention by consuming more omega 3 at younger ages may have a protective effect on the brain.  This is very exciting news regarding the potential protective abilities of consuming more omega 3. 

This is one if the first studies to find a correlation between a higher omega index and lower rates of brain and cognitive decline in younger age groups. The study participates were age 40-50. 

Higher omega index was associated with better abstract reasoning, larger hippocampal volume and APOE4 carriers had less small – vessel disease. The bottom line is the study indicated that increasing omega 3 consumption protects the brain. 

Most nutritional experts feel it is best to get your omega 3 from a good quality rTG Omega 3 fish oil with an EPA of 900-1200 and a DHA of 600-900.  When consuming fish, you must be careful not to eat fish that have potential toxins, and this is the reasoning behind consuming your omega 3 from a high-quality fish oil supplement. 

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